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Rest in Peace: Teddy Pendergrass

January 14, 2010
Teddy Pendergrass (March 26, 1950- January 13, 2010)

If you were born during my time (early 70s) you might be able to full appreciate the legacy of music Teddy Pendergrass left behind. Before there was Neyo, R. Kelly, Keith Sweat and Gerald LeVert, there was Teddy. In true Aries fashion, only Teddy could outshine his former group Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes and have a career more successful than any artist (along with Marvin Gaye) of his time.

He was the first singer to do ladies only concerts where women would throw their lingerie up on stage in hopes of landing a T.K.O with Teddy. When he said Come on and Go With Me, we wanted to go. When he told us to Turn Off Lights, we did.

Only his smoky vocals could make every woman want to slip off into his world of R&B and take a trip to a place where music truly evoked our emotions. I feel sorry for the youth of this generation. The ballads with longing, passion, love, and sincerity have come in the form of childlike anthems, over-synthesized hooks, and an emptiness not even a good beat can fill. We will miss Teddy Pendergrass but know he is always here with his music. Thanks for the memories T.P.

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