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Style Profile: Zoe Kravitz

May 12, 2010

 The daughter of a sexy rocker and a Cosby kid, Zoe Kravitz was destined to be fashion royalty. The petite beauty who is a spokesmodel for Vera Wang’s Princess has given Hollywood a dose of her fashion sense; a mix of glam gal and bohemian rhapsody. Zoe’s natural beauty and affluent tastes have made her the cream of the fashion crop.

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Style Profile: Melanie Fiona

May 3, 2010

 She may belt out soul-stirring tunes with catchy lyrics but 26 year-old Melanie Fiona is no stranger to style. The 26 year-old Canadian singer can work something short or go regal with a long ball gown like the one she wore to the Grammys. With her winning style and moving vocals, Fiona is sure to have a long career in the limelight.

Style Profile: Vanessa Simmons

April 14, 2010
Vanessa Simmons is a natural beauty.
She may be the daughter of rap royalty, but Vanessa Simmons is paving her own niche in fashion. The stylish beauty has grazed red carpets, putting her own touch to trendy looks and classic garbs. She’s not afraid to take risks, and proved it by trading her long locks for a short cut. Color is abundant in her wardrobe and the footwear designer, alongside her sister Angela is proving that the only fashion that matters is your own.

Style Profile: Amber Riley

March 3, 2010

 Amber Riley is one hot fashionista who knows what works. The pretty plus size diva known most famously for her work in Glee knows how to work the red carpet, accessorize and wear color. She is always together and rarely is she seen without fierce footwear.

Style Profile: Rosario Dawson

February 24, 2010

 Rosario Dawson knows a thing or two about fashion. She is always put together. I can’t recall a time when I’ve ever seen her as a fashion don’t. She dresses for her body, and while she enjoys wearing color black seems to be her signature, and might even rock a trend or two. When it comes to adding accessories to her wardrobe, she doesn’t scrimp. She’s known to carry a statement bag and even adds a little bling with jewels. Rosario knows how to mix subtly with glamor and we like that.

Style Profile: Michelle Williams

February 11, 2010
Michelle strikes a pose at the cast of Chicago after party. 

Thank goodness Michelle Williams has finally come into her own. She was swept into the background as the third and almost unheard of member of Destiny’s Child but since then, Michelle has been stealing some limelight of her own. She chopped her weaved locks, opting for a chic and stylish cut and has even stepped out on a fashion limb with funkier clothes and more exciting looks. She’s a little eccentric, a little lady like, and a little mod. And while her fashion choices are not always great, she does have the nerve to do her own thing.

Style Profile: Nicole Richie

February 3, 2010

 Nicole Richie, who has successfully made the transition from celebutante to mother, clothing and jewelry designer is the queen of bohemian style. The glamour girl implements her own individuality into her looks, pairing them with great accessories and our favorite pouty mouth. Vivia la Bohemian Glam.

Style Profile: Alesha Dixon

January 27, 2010

Alesha Dixon has looks, style and talent.The British singer has a gorgeous body and mile long legs that she accentuates with short skirts and dresses. She knows how to play with color and accessories and coupled with her winning smile, Alesha’s not afraid to step out of the box. With a little more work, she’ll be a style icon in no time.

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Style Profile: Amber Rose

January 21, 2010

Who’s that girl? Amber Rose, Kanye West’s latest arm candy and rumored girlfriend has a style all her own. The eccentric Rose is bold enough to step out in slinky catsuits, body-hugging dresses and funky accessories to boot. She really pushes the envelope. It’s no wonder this stylish diva is upstaging her man!

Style Profile: Kim Coles

December 23, 2009

Few women can encompass good looks, style and a sense of humor, but Kim Coles seems to manage. With little effort she gives the shapely Chocolate Fashionistas a good name. Color and prints love her and Kim can work the red carpet like no other. When she’s on the scene heads turn and for all the right reasons.