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Celebrity News & Gossip: Shaunie Dishes on Shaq in Essence

March 14, 2010

Soon-to-be divorced from Shaq, Shaunie O’Neal dishes the dirt on her former man like only an almost ex-wife can. Shaunie shown here in a Mason silk dress, Sacco shoes, explains that Shaq was as we say in the hood, “doing the fool”. The big baby seems to not know how to keep his private parts to himself. The endless exploits and high-end drama finally became too much for Shaunie to take. Amidst rumors that Shaunie left a former beau for the NBA player can correlate to dare we say it, karma. 2010 seems to be the year to get rid of dead weight but we hope it works out for all parties involved, especially the children.

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Celebrity News & Gossip: Allen Iverson’s Wife Files for D-I-V-O-R-C-E

March 11, 2010
Allen must be contemplating his future. 

Talk about having a bad week. Just as the Philadelphia 76ers gave Allen Iverson his walking papers, his wife of eight and a half years Tawanna did too. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Tawanna Iverson filed for divorce and custody of the couple’s five children

The gossip forums and blogs went crazy and groupies everywhere are probably gearing up their knock-off Louboutins to go after the soon-to-be divorced…uh baller (if you can call him that). Rumors allege Tawanna had finally had enough of her philandering husband and I’m sure his alleged gambling and alcohol addictions didn’t help either.

Well, A.I., we hope you land on your feet. 2010 seems to be the year that ballers are suffering from major drama. Good luck Tawanna, not that you’ll need it. That basketball team of kids is sure to get you a decent payoff. Hey don’t shoot the messenger…I’m just saying!

Parties & Events: NFL Wives Host the Off the Market Party

December 29, 2009
Off the Market co-founder Tia Robbins and hubby Fred.

A group of NFL Wives have joined forces to host couples only parties aptly titled Off the Market. The parties are open to athletes and their wives only. Co-founded by Tia Robbins, wife of New York Giant’s defensive tackle Fred Robbins, the parties are an attempt to deter cheating and let the jump-offs know their men are taken. Will it work? Only time will tell! But it’s an innovative concept nonetheless.

Former Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings defensive end Lance Johnson and wife Off the Market co-founder Jerika.
Sanya Ross and cornerback hubby Aaron of the New York Giants.
Brett and Martiza Dearing; Ashley Lynn Walker and hubby Damien of the New York Giants. 
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CFB Gossip: Shaunie O’Neal Files for Separation from Shaq

November 10, 2009
Shaq & Shaunie during happier times?

Here we go again. The O’Neals are apparently are having issues again. Amidst reports that Shaq, 37 is having an affair with Gilbert Arenas’ fiancee, Laura Govan (ouch!), Shaunie has probably had enough. Apologetic emails surfaced on a a gossip site last week implicating and affair between O’Neal and Govan.

Gilbert Arenas; Laura Govan with one of their three children.

Arenas has yet to comment but I don’t think he’ll be walking down the aisle with Ms. Govan anytime soon. Arenas and Govan have three children so he’s gonna pay regardless. The O’Neals have seven children (whew), but at any rate, this is not a good look.

See what happens fellas when you love with your eyes and not your heart, you always get done in the process. We’ll keep you posted.