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Entertainment: NBA Wives Get a Shot on VH1

December 8, 2009

Amidst a bitter separation from husband Shaquille, Shaunie O’Neal is gearing up to executive produce her own reality show for VH1.

The show, aptly titled Basketball Wives, will air on March 15th. Shaunie will also be featured as a cast member. Her co-stars will include Mesha O’Neal (Jermaine O’Neal), Evelyn Lozada (ex-fiancee of Antoine Walker, and Jennifer Williams (Eric Williams).

Since it is likely that Shaunie and Shaq will divorce, it will be interesting to see how this show plays out. Let’s just hope it doesn’t put yet another stain on society’s tarnished images of black women…But hey, it is VH1.

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CFB Gossip: Shaunie O’Neal Files for Separation from Shaq

November 10, 2009
Shaq & Shaunie during happier times?

Here we go again. The O’Neals are apparently are having issues again. Amidst reports that Shaq, 37 is having an affair with Gilbert Arenas’ fiancee, Laura Govan (ouch!), Shaunie has probably had enough. Apologetic emails surfaced on a a gossip site last week implicating and affair between O’Neal and Govan.

Gilbert Arenas; Laura Govan with one of their three children.

Arenas has yet to comment but I don’t think he’ll be walking down the aisle with Ms. Govan anytime soon. Arenas and Govan have three children so he’s gonna pay regardless. The O’Neals have seven children (whew), but at any rate, this is not a good look.

See what happens fellas when you love with your eyes and not your heart, you always get done in the process. We’ll keep you posted.