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Feature: New Year, New You

January 4, 2010

Every year we make resolutions to better ourselves and frequently we don’t keep them. What if 2010 was your last year of life? What would you want to accomplish? We vow to eat better, lose weight, treat people better, find a mate, change careers, or write a book. But how many of us actually do it?

I kept my list of resolutions short but I know I will accomplish all the goals I set out to because I have already claimed them. Life is about choices. You can choose to succeed or you can choose to fail. As we all now, appearance is important and I can’t tell you how disappointed I have been with the way some of my chocolate sistahs have been dressing. Some of you have been wearing clothes you know you shouldn’t be wearing. Some of you are dyeing your hair in colors that to not complement your expression. Some of you are still outlining your lips with black eyeliner. Yuck. The obviously false eyelashes. No. The excessive weave and blonde highlights. No. Long toenails and Glodean White nails. No! Shopping at Bebe when you know you should be in Lane Bryant. The madness has got to stop.

As this year gets off to a great start. Walk to your full length mirror, take a long hard look and ask yourself, “Do I really like the way I look?” Be honest with yourself even if you are not honest with other people. My sister and I often joke that some people must not own mirrors because if they did there is now way they would come outside looking the way they do.

If you have to lie down to get those pants on, they are too tight. If you have to keep asking your homegirls how do you look in that tight dress, you alreay know how you look. If your breasts could speak would they tell you to cover them up? Remember the old saying, less is more. Well it still reins true. If you are advertising all your goodies, you leave nothing to the imagination. Why not just wear a sign that says ‘for sale’ because that’s exactly what people are thinking. Successful women create an aura of mystery around them. They never lay all their cards on the table.

To be the best you, you have to know how to accentuate the positive and accept your flaws with grace. Let 2010 be your time for self-evaluation and improvement. As we begin a new decade, let now be the time you go after what you want and look good doing it. It’s time to win in 2010!