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CFB Photos: Prince Throws it Up at Fendi

October 10, 2009
The man in purple and singer Bria Valentine. So fabulous.

The Purple One hung with gal pal Bria Valentine at the Fendi show in Paris for Fashion Week. Must be nice to be a baller. And isn’t Prince the only man we know who can upstage his date and you can’t even be mad?

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CFB Photos: Prince & Bria Valentine at Yves Saint Laurent

October 6, 2009
Prince and Bria Valentine at YSL.

Prince is a fashion icon in his own right. What other man do you know could rock high-heeled boots, fitted bell bottoms, deep-v tops and still get your phone number? The king of purple reigned supreme as headliner of  the Yves Saint Laurent VIP party. Accompanying him was his ‘favorite model’,singer Bria Valentine.

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