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Fashion & Style News: Gap Launches Premium Pants Collection

April 21, 2010

 Just when you thought you Gap couldn’t come up with anything to top their Gap 1969 denim initiative, they go and come up with something else. The San Francisco based retailer is introducing a new line of men’s and women’s pants, a premium collection for those of us with more discerning tastes.

The pants are deemed more suitable for elegant affairs, such as the after-hour cocktail party where looking your best is a requirement not an option.

Gap Designer Patrick Robinson spent months perfecting the collection to make the garments look “four or five times it’s price”. These aren’t pants for throwing on and running out of the house. These are the pants that will hang in that special section of your closet with clothes you wear to turn heads.

The price tag for the Gap Premium Pants Collection is astonishingly reasonable at $49.50 t0 $59.50 a pair. The women’s collection includes the stylish Really Skinny fit as well as the Boyish fit, a flared trouser, and curvy fit for those with a little bit more cushion.

Add-ons will include sheer white blouses, cozy cashmere sweaters, leather and shearling aviator jackets and peep-toe wedges designed by Pierre Hardy. The Gap Premium Pants Collection advertising campaign will launch in glossies as early as September for women and February for men.

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Retail Roundup: 10 Great Buys for Fall from Ann Taylor

September 12, 2009
Under the direction of new head designer Lisa Axelson, Ann Taylor is reinventing classics and breathing new life into trends. Whether you’re 25 or 45, the latest fall collection has something for everyone. Another great thing about Ann Taylor is that the clothes are well made, affordable and work well on regular, petite, and larger frames. The fall collection features pieces set to take you from the office to martinis all in one stride.
1. Silk shirt dress, $160

2. Pleated neck dress, $180

3. Ruffle front dress, $160

4. The textured jacket, $325

5. Tropical wool pencil skirt, $110

6. The perfect platform pumps in leather and tweed, $175
7. Cascading ruffle print blouse, $100

8. Sleeveless cascade ripple top, $45 (Comes in 5 colors!)

9. Thin leather metal plaque belt, $45

10. The perfect tote in soft leather, $225

The bonus buy? The cubic zicronia coil bracelet, $60 and the ruffle scarf (available in five colors), $65.
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Wardrobe 101 – The Dress

September 2, 2009

For years the dress has been the epitome of femininity. It wasn’t until the 1900’s (when equal rights for women was implemented in the US) did women truly and blatantly rebel against the dress. But the dress is not the enemy; in fact, it is the ally…if you know how to wear it it can be a catalyst for many looks in your wardribe.There are many different types of dresses but here’s a few of the most popular styles:

The sheath is a must have. This dress is sassy and sophisticated. Sheaths hug your figure and accentuate curves. They tend to have a basic length anywhere between right above the knee or mid-calf. They can be worn casual with a cardigan and some flats, or they can be dressed up with stilettos and a fancy embellished clutch.

An A-line dress is a dress that is narrow at the top and has a flare skirt (cut out like an A or triangle). This dress is probably the most flattering for us women who are really curvy. However, this cut can flatter any body type. These dresses commonly land right under the knee or mid-calf. These dresses are worn casual or dressy, depending on the fabric. A-lines look great in prints for a summer/spring casual, in a solid sateen for a dressy look, or a polyester blend for a fall/winter look. A cardigan sweater or nice brooch will complement an a-line dress.

The shift dress is always a great choice. The dress was a big hit in the 1960s and has continued to be a pillar of elegance and style. The shift complements most frames, though it tends to be more flattering on petite and average size women.Pair your shift with boots, tights, or a turtleneck for fall/winter. J. Crew, Anne Klein, and Michael Kors are a few designers who make great shift dresses. It is also popular with First lady Michelle Obama.

Shirt-waist dresses are perhaps the many neglected dresses of our time. But this is one of my favorites to wear. Shirt-waist dresses are tailored like a shirt and extend into an attached straight or full skirt. These are versatile because they are made straight or flare, long or short. This is a great casual dress. They usually button down the front and are accessorized with a belt at the waist. These dresses flatter curvy women if worn with a flare. Wear these with some boots, stilettos, wedges, flats, or sandals, depending on the season.

Dresses are an absolute must in a woman’s wardrobe. They take us to a place where we feel pretty or sassy, sexy or girly. They are convenient and comfortable and likely to turn heads. Don’t be afraid of the dress….Embrace the DRESS!

Item Details:
Top Row:
Laser cut A-line dress, $207.50, Karta
Wool-blend tweed shift dress, $2,440, Fendi
Nubuck leather shirtdress, $3,995, Halston
Bottom Row:
Wool striped sheath, $1,859, Yves Saint Laurent
Bow-tie shift dress, $34.99, Charlotte Russe
*This week let femininity be your fashion accessory. Don’t hide it anymore; it’s time to let the world see it!*
Shay Couture
“I am no fashion expert, but I like to think I know what I’m talking about.”

How to: Dress for a Job Interview

August 17, 2009

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. One of the most frequent complaints employers have is that candidates often come to interviews inappropriately dressed. A suit is mandatory in the professional world, as are the appropriate accessories. With suits opt for black or navy, especially in more formal careers like banking, finance, or education. Creative fields such as advertising, journalism, and digitial media, allow for more flexibility. You can still dress professional but add your own creative touches such as a bold red shirt under your suit for a media gig. Grey is another suitable color for a suit as well. Shirts should be crisp, ironed, and neat. White, blue, or grey work best with navy and black suits in more professional settings, while a red, fuchsia, or some other bold color may be safe for the creative fields.

Here’s a few more tips on dressing for interviews:

1. Investigate the office attire before you go for the interview if possible. Some firms are more lax even during the interview process but when in doubt, go for the suit. Remember, a pant suit is often. considered a no-no in finance and legal fields.

2. Wear hose with your skirt suit. They may seem obsolete these days but this is one time you should have a pair. An interview is not the place for bare legs. Choose a nude shade that blends well with your complexion.

3. Choose accessories appropriately. No dangling earrings, no noisy charm bracelets. Now is not the time for you to showcase your baubles. Choose simple jewelry that complements your outfit. Going for a media gig? Select a nice brooch but one that isn’t too distracting from your face. You should be the focus of the interview not your jewelry.

4. A nice pair of pumps will do. Leather pumps or something similar should be worn to your interview. Black, navy, or brown are suitable options.

5. Hair should be neat. If you have extremely logn hair, consider pulling it into a bun or chignon. Interviewers want to see your face. Hair can be a huge distraction so be sure it doesn’t get in the way. No outrageous colors liek blue, burgundy, or blonde (unless it’s your natural color). Look like yourself without a lot of trimmings, only a better version.

6. Handbags should be simple. No huge totes, backpacks, clutches, or hippy bags, just a simple leather of similar fabric purse with enough size to carry your wallet, cell phone, keys, and makeup. Avoid logo handbags. They are trendy and a bit over the top. If you can afford such an expensive bag, why are you on an interview. Look like you want the job.

7. Avoid overpowering fragrances. Be sure not to overdose on your favorite fragrance. One spritz should be fine. If the interviewer can still smell your fragrance long after you’ve gone, you wore too much.

Bottom line for an interview? Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Pay attention to hygiene and make sure your look is polished. Your look should complement your resume. Leave a lasting impression, but make sure it’s the right one.

Thomas Pink at ShopStyle


August 11, 2009
Tocca at ShopStyle

Go from the office to cocktails in this sleek and chic ensemble. While you’re negotiating deals in the boardroom with all eyes on you, your mind will be on the perfect lemon drop martini, and the perfect man to go along with it. Item Details clockwise: Blouse, Roberto Cavalli, sold out! Leather bag, L.A.M.B., $599, nail lacquer in Gold Digger, Spa Ritual, $10, solid perfume, Stella by Tocca, $30, Origami pencil skirt by Topshop, $50; platform pump, Giuseppe Zanotti, $595, “Miranda” ring, Coach, $68, gold and diamond accented triple wreath necklace by Max & Chloe, $498. (Click photos to purchase items.)

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Style Tips: Do’s & Don’ts in the Workplace

July 27, 2009

Dressing for work can be a challenge. Most of us want to be stylish and professional. Quite often some women don’t succeed at neither task. Workplace attire is always contingent on the rules at your place of employment, but there are some rules that apply to all…

1. No cleavage. We do not need to see your “girls”. If you’re wearing a v-neck or low-cut garment, consider wearing something underneath to divert our attention elsewhere.

2. No short-short skirts. They might look cute, but trust me, the comments people make about the darn thing will be anything but. Stick to just above the knee-length skirts, that way they you don’t have to worry about constantly pulling them down when you sit.

3. Avoid anything sheer. Sheer clothing might be sexy but it gives people a birds eye view. If you are going to wear sheer, wear something underneath (i.e. a camisole, slip, etc.) and keep it tasteful.

4. Too much makeup. The clown face is never a good look. If your makeup is rubbing off on you (or someone else), you’re wearing too much. And when wearing makeup, find a color that matches your skin tone.

5. No jingling jewelry and excessive bling. We know you have 10 fingers and there is no need to put a ring on every single one. Your earlobes don’t need to look like a chorus line of studs either, and your charm bracelets are not charming to everyone. And please save the long car-towing necklaces for the club.

6. No pajamas, sweats or beach wear. Your lounge pants are for lounging, not work. Sweats, I don’t think so. And leave the spaghetti straps, flip-flops, and sundresses at home too.

Work, Play, and Everything in Between!

June 13, 2009

Work, Play, and Everything in Between

Work, Play, and Everything in Between by chocfashblog featuring Dior sunglasses

Item Details:
“Diorita” tote bag, Dior, $1,850,
Slingbacks, Miu Miu, $244,
Cuff, Angie Gooderham, $82,
Square gold hoop earrings, Penelope Poet, $156,
Fitted dress, Asephia, $1,079,
Belt, H&M,
Palm Print Cami, $41,
Khaki shorts, Old Navy, $19.50,
Canvas Tote, Faded Glory, $7.00,
“Saleha” slides, Aldo, $50,
“Elyse” silk dress, Alice + Olivia, $420,
Dior Miss Cherie perfume, Dior, $92,
“Hanaa” gold metal thong sandal, Steve Madden, $69.95,
Peace sign earrings, Target, $24.99,
Panther red sunglasses, Dior, $210,
Python skin envelope clutch, $845,

Crimson Goes From Day to Night

June 3, 2009
Crimson Goes From Day to Night the Right Way
Crimson Goes From Day to Night the Right Way by chocfashblog featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

Item Details:
Prada Medium Nappa Stripe Handbag, $275,
Shirley Temple earrings, $11.99,
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania printed jersey dress, $520,
Christian Louboutin Gabin 140 platform pump, $597,
Gold Blackberry Curve,
AZ Collection cuff, $275,
Crescent shrug by Preen Line,
Just Cavalli animal print silk dress, $402.50,
EternalGold 14 karat gold polished large hoop earrings, $64.54,
Anita Ko diamond encrusted heart necklace, $2,960,
Chloe clutch, $684 GBP,
Brian Atwood shoes, $398,

Desiree Rogers & Valerie Jarrett cover Capitol File Magazine’s Summer Issue

May 27, 2009

If you haven’t heard of them by now, let me scold you. Two of the most powerful women in the White House, Social Secretary Desirée Rogers and Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, grace the cover of Capitol File magazine for their summer issue.

The New Orleans born and Harvard educated Rogers is a well-known socialite and business-executive in Chicago. Jarrett, who was born in Shiraz, Iran holds degrees from Stanford University and the University of Michigan.

The two longtime friends discuss their friendship, their focus, and what it’s like to be a part of the most historical presidential administration of our time. Available at most newsstands or at: