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Parties & Events: Harlem Nights in Hollywood

January 4, 2010
 Mekhi Phifer and Allen Iverson

With a name like Harlem Nights in Hollywood, you would expect to see folks looking their very best. Instead New Year’s Eve event which was also a celebration for Mekhi Phifer’s birthday was more like a rap video gone wrong. The star-studded event included celebs like Allen Iverson, Snoop Dogg, Doug E. Fresh, and the Clipse. Hosted by Claudia Jordan, who showed up in atrocious yellow dress, this event was probably had some of the worst-dressed guests of the year. Next time, try a dress-code! Nikki Chu looked fabulous though.

Host Claudia Jordan. CJ I’m gonna need you to stop shopping around the way please.
Stylist Nikki Chu. Here’s a lady who knows what a theme means.
Singer Cassandra Batie. Catwoman is that you?
Actress/dancer Porscha Coleman. Los Angeles ghetto glamour at its finest…well not really.
Model Daphne Joy…And I thought models knew how to dress. I forgot video girls don’t count as models.
Pole dance instructor Nicole Williams.  I guess she is dressed for a date with a pole. 
Remember Hitz from The Streets? GN (Government Name) Al Shearer. He grew up…well sort of. 
Clearly he and his date and the other 400 guests didn’t get the Harlem Nights theme memo. 
Rayan Douglas with date Benny Boom (Who was in need of a serious shave) missed the memo too. 
Singer Rhona Bennett. Umm no.
Tiffany Lauzon. I guess she and Claudia shop in the same hideous stores.
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