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How to Choose a Nail Salon

July 30, 2009

When it comes to being a true Chocolate Fashionista, it’s all about having the total package. Gorgeous hands and feet are no exception. When choosing a nail salon there are a few things to consider such as location, amenities, customer service, and above all, cleanliness. Here’s a few tips to help you tell the rocks from gems:

1. Appearance. Is the salon clean? Do customers appear relaxed or frazzled? Is the floor clean? Are the stations neat and orderly? Does the staff clean their stations after every customer? Are the implements (tool) clean? If not, you might want to keep looking. Fungi runs rampant in nail salons. Be sure before you take a seat that the shop is sanitized.

2. Services. Are the services plain, so-so, or elaborate? Higher end nail salons usually offer better services because their goal is to make customer feel beautiful. Cookie cutter nail salons want to get you in and out, they are all about the dollar. This is what I call the assembly line affect, the more customers they serve, the fatter their pockets. A good manicure should include at minimum a decent hand massage, one that relaxes you completely. Pedicures should be enjoyable as well. If you want more luxury, an upscale salon is likely to offer more incentives such as aromatherapy, massage chairs, body waxing, massage therapy, beverage service etc.

3. Staff. Are the nail technicians and staff licensed? Do they display their licenses within full view of the customer? Any nail salon worth their salt wants to keep customers coming back. A well-trained staff should be friendly, courteous, and eager to help.

4. Location. Location is always important because it usually determines the level of service you get. Nail salons that sit on every corner usually offer little incentive to keep customers coming back other than the fact that they are quick and convenient. You want to feel safe when you’re going to a nail salon and not worrying about what’s going on outside.

Chocolate Fashion Blog’s Nail Salon A-List

The Paint Shop – Beverly Hills
319 S/ 1/2 Robertson Blvd.

Bellacures – Los Angeles
239 N. Robertson Blvd.

Jin Soon – New York
23 Jones Street

421 E. 73rd St.

NSeya Salon & Spa – Atlanta
6090 Roswell Road

Hand & Foot Company – Miami
5792 Sunset Drive

Polished Lounge – San Francisco
470 Third Street

The Rock Spa @ The Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas
4455 Paradise Road – Main Level

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