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Fashion & Style News: Phillip Lim to Expand Lingerie Line

May 5, 2010
Pieces from the Initials collection.

Designer Phillip Lim is expanding his one year-old lingerie line, 3.1 Phillip Lim Initials. Lim plans to add loungewear to the Initials collection this fall. The new pieces will complement his ready-to-wear collection. The current five piece collection go to a substantial 34 piece collection. Lim is adding ruffled camisoles, pants, robes, t-shirts, and more. Lim also plans to upgrade his stores in New York and Los Angeles to accommodate the line’s expasion.

Fashion & Style News: Fox & ABC Don’t Like Big Girls!

April 28, 2010
So what, a big girl can’t be sexy?

By now you’ve heard the hoopla surrounding two major networks refusal to air a Lane Bryant commercial or perhaps you’ve seen the commercial in which a curvier (nee heavier) woman is seen prancing around in lingerie. Well let’s call a spade a spade. We all know Fox has been accused of many things, discrimination and racism included. ABC? Eh, never watched much on their station either. Quite frankly I was a little insulted by both networks blatant and insulting behavior towards women with heavier body frames.

For those who aren’t a size 2, like moi, you are basically saying to hell with you, you can’t be sexy. So is it safe to assume that every Egor looking, small penis having executive at these networks is married or cohabiting with a size 2 or less Victoria Secret-looking woman? Bulls***. I’ve seen the wives of some of these execs on the red carpet and they ain’t all pretty. Or shall we talk about those pathetic VPs and who have to “rent” dates from some local escort agency because their size 0 wife cleaned them out and took them for every dime they’ve got.

Let’s face it Rupert Murdoch, Wendy Dang dang sure ain’t with your for your looks. Hey, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was slowly slipping you rat poison in your tiramisu at Mr. Chows. With so many models suffering from body image issues you would think that America would be over the bony ass models with erected spines that look as though they are two seconds away from snapping like twigs. Media and fashion are the worst when it comes to body image, let’s not forget the Vanity Fair cover of waif then, pale-faced models as the epitome of beauty.  So now because 

What I’m more irritated about is Reebok’s new commercial showing nothing but shots of women’s derriere’s in highly…umm…racy positions. Now I have a small shapely tush but even those shots made me wince. What has the freaking world come to? Sending the message that large women can’t be sexy is an absolute crock. BOYCOTT!!

Check out the actual commercial footage below. 


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Trends: This Buds for You

April 12, 2010

 Florals large and small are making a big impact in intimates for fall,

CFB Photos: Chanel Iman Rocks Victoria’s Secret

November 23, 2009
Chanel Iman gives us the bold shoulder.

Don’t hate on this leggy California beauty. Chanel Iman, who recently became one of two models of color so sign on as one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angels paused for the cause at the Victoria’s Secret 2009 Runway show.

Chanel Iman is also featured in the brand’s newest catalogs and ad materials.

Visit Victoria’s

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Fashion & Style News: Bigger is Better for Victoria’s Secret Flagship

November 11, 2009
Victoria’s Secret main sales floor in the SoHo store.

Size matters for Victoria’s Secret. The brand is getting ready to launch its newly expanded 24,000 square-foot flagship store located in SoHo. The new store replaces the old one, taking up more than five times the size of its previous space.

The bra salon.

The new Victoria’s Secret space is the result of the merging of two former retail properties that were 16,000 and 8,000 square feet respectively. The brand has also opened a similar store in Chicago to expand on its fun and flirty image. The brand’s Pink label has become quite popular with VS fans, expanding to include sportswear, accessories and gifts.

Signature pink and white stripes adorn a corner.

The SoHo store is decorated with pink and white stripes as well as solid pink. Elaborate lamp fixtures and displays are also on hand to contribute to newly revamped decorum. Victoria’s Secret has even created mini-sections within the store that include a bra salon and a panty boutique. Fitting rooms are more glamorous and now have call buttons for summoning staff.

The cash wrap and beauty sections.

A special treat customers will find at the Victoria’s Secret flagship is a body scanner that captures images to ensure a perfect fit. Only this store, the Chicago Michigan Avenue flagship and one other store have this technology. The brand’s fans are sure to be captured by this unique concept.

The SoHo store opened this past Friday.

Victoria’s Secret Flagship
565 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

(212) 274-9519

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Trend Report: The Secret Garden – Spring 2010 Lingerie

November 10, 2009
Flora Nikrooz
Flora Nikrooz
Juicy Couture
Emporio Armani Underwear

Garden blooms are in for spring lingerie.

Fashion & Style News: Sonia Rykiel to Design for H&M

September 28, 2009

Sonia Rykiel, whose clear belt was in demand everywhere after Michelle Obama wore it on the cover of O Magazine, is the newest designer to collaborate with H&M. Rykiel will design a lingerie collection for winter 2009 which will go on sale as early as December 5th.

For spring 2010, Rykiel will design a knitwear collection for women and girls as well as a line of accessories. The collection will go on sale in February of 2010.

Photo: Rihanna at a Sonia Rykiel fashion show.

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Trend Report: Animal Print Lingerie

September 7, 2009
Bring out your wild side with animal print lingerie. 
 Chemise by D&G
 Robe by Natori
Panties by D&G
 Corset by Lise Charmel
 Boy shorts by Baby Phat
 Camisole by Flora Nikrooz
 Panties by Only Hearts
 Bra and panty set by Josie