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Fashion & Style News: The Limited Gets a Makeover

October 13, 2009

The Limited is no longer content with being in the background. After having to take a backseat to its sister store Express Fashion, The Limited is ready for center stage. Forget what you know about the old Limited, a new day has come. CEO Linda Heasley is paving the way with an unlimited vision for the brand to be better than ever.

Breaking away from it’s parents home base on the Columbus, Ohio campus, the brand has moved into its owns office. Heasley said their previous arrangement prevented them from doing so many things like dresses, coats and accessories on a higher scale. The brand also went from being a billion dollar company in the 80s, to a $400 million dollar company. Quite frankly, they lost of lot of their luster.

The new Limited however has a major reinvention game plan. The company plans to take the brand from 200 stores to 400 over the next several years, hoping to open 10 stores each year. The brands target customer, 21-35 year-olds, prefers a specialty-store shopping environment to department stores; loves silk and wool without the dry-cleaning bill, and enjoys a more sophisticated retail experience.

Execs at the Limited have already blueprinted a new concept. New stores will be modeled after a woman’s bedroom and go from 7,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet. Each will have four units with red-painted ceilings above the cash wrap and dressing rooms. For the tech savvy shoppers, dressing rooms will feature call buttons and an e-bar for ordering out-of-stock items. Men who come with their wives or girlfriends will enjoy the sitting area with books and magazines and wireless remote signal.

Heasley says she wants people to know, “This is a new Limited.” Well Ms. Heasley we are eager to see the results.

Visit The Limited online.

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