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Beauty: Kim Kardashian Gets Fragrance Amidst Family Media Circus

October 2, 2009

If you thought the Kardashian clan couldn’t get on your nerves any more with their faux weddings, botched plastic surgeries, and boy craziness, the former ex-amateur porn-star turned celebutante Kim Kardashian is introducing her own fragrance.

The scent, aptly titled Kim Kardashian. The scent is being released under the direction of brand manager Chris Lighty (he is also behind 50 Cent’s Power fragrance)and will hit Sephora stores in February, where it will sell exclusively for three months.

The scent features notes of jasmine, tuberose and gardena. A 1 oz. bottle will sell for $32, 1.7 for $45; 3.4 for $65, and a 0.33 oz. rollerball for $16

Hopefully the fragrance sales are better than Kim’s performance as Ray-J’s one time bedmate. All in all, you can’t knock her hustle.