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Italian Vogue’s Barbie Issue

August 13, 2009

Call her Miss Ross (as in Diana)

Il mio bel Barbie nero (My beautiful black Barbie)is fierce! Italian Vogue pays homage to Barbie on her 50th birthday with themed shots of little chocolate Barbies everywhere. As if we needed another reason to hate the girl with the perfect boyfriend (Ken), the hottest ride (a Corvette last time I played with her), and a dream house to die for. Barbie has been a beach girl, a bride, a nurse, a rock n’ roll star, and quite frankly a diva. Black Barbie made her debut as “Francie” in 1967 but was reintroduced as “Christie” in 1968 to include more profound African-American features. While many competitors have tried to steal Barbie’s shine, they simply can’t compare. We celebrate Barbie for giving girls everywhere there first taste of the fabulous life.

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