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How to: Dress for a Job Interview

August 17, 2009

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. One of the most frequent complaints employers have is that candidates often come to interviews inappropriately dressed. A suit is mandatory in the professional world, as are the appropriate accessories. With suits opt for black or navy, especially in more formal careers like banking, finance, or education. Creative fields such as advertising, journalism, and digitial media, allow for more flexibility. You can still dress professional but add your own creative touches such as a bold red shirt under your suit for a media gig. Grey is another suitable color for a suit as well. Shirts should be crisp, ironed, and neat. White, blue, or grey work best with navy and black suits in more professional settings, while a red, fuchsia, or some other bold color may be safe for the creative fields.

Here’s a few more tips on dressing for interviews:

1. Investigate the office attire before you go for the interview if possible. Some firms are more lax even during the interview process but when in doubt, go for the suit. Remember, a pant suit is often. considered a no-no in finance and legal fields.

2. Wear hose with your skirt suit. They may seem obsolete these days but this is one time you should have a pair. An interview is not the place for bare legs. Choose a nude shade that blends well with your complexion.

3. Choose accessories appropriately. No dangling earrings, no noisy charm bracelets. Now is not the time for you to showcase your baubles. Choose simple jewelry that complements your outfit. Going for a media gig? Select a nice brooch but one that isn’t too distracting from your face. You should be the focus of the interview not your jewelry.

4. A nice pair of pumps will do. Leather pumps or something similar should be worn to your interview. Black, navy, or brown are suitable options.

5. Hair should be neat. If you have extremely logn hair, consider pulling it into a bun or chignon. Interviewers want to see your face. Hair can be a huge distraction so be sure it doesn’t get in the way. No outrageous colors liek blue, burgundy, or blonde (unless it’s your natural color). Look like yourself without a lot of trimmings, only a better version.

6. Handbags should be simple. No huge totes, backpacks, clutches, or hippy bags, just a simple leather of similar fabric purse with enough size to carry your wallet, cell phone, keys, and makeup. Avoid logo handbags. They are trendy and a bit over the top. If you can afford such an expensive bag, why are you on an interview. Look like you want the job.

7. Avoid overpowering fragrances. Be sure not to overdose on your favorite fragrance. One spritz should be fine. If the interviewer can still smell your fragrance long after you’ve gone, you wore too much.

Bottom line for an interview? Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Pay attention to hygiene and make sure your look is polished. Your look should complement your resume. Leave a lasting impression, but make sure it’s the right one.

Thomas Pink at ShopStyle