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Hit & Miss: Leona Lewis

February 17, 2010
HIT…well almost. Leona’s stylist is to blame for this wrinkled fiasco at the Golden Globe Awards. 
She needed a steamer stat. But the dress is still very pretty.
MISS: Space Age fashion is never a good idea unless you’re a Martian. Leona went way outta the galaxy with this look at this year’s BRIT Awards. And she’s gonna have to work on those calves a bit…or maybe that stance if she wants to pull 
this look off. The makeup is also a bit over the top and it’s not working in her favor.

Hit & Miss: Eva Mendes

November 10, 2009
Hit: Eva shines; Miss: Eva busts out.

Eva Mendes has always been pretty fashion forward but occasionally she’ll go to left field.The sequin frock she wore to the AFI screening of her latest move Bad Lieutenant was bursting with color. However at the Hollywood premiere of the film she opted to mix a little bit of casual with evening wear and failed. The unbuttoned shirt is a tad tacky for someone who is the far along in her career. Perhaps a sequin shell with the ruffled skirt would have sufficed…But we can’t be perfect all the time can we Eva?

Hit & Miss: Mel B.

October 27, 2009
Mel B. at the Omega Constellation Launch PartyMel as Tina Turner at the Glaceau Vitamin Water Launch
Mel is a hit in black and a miss in blonde. 

Mel B. was a Hit at the launch party for the Omega Constellation but a huge Miss at the launch for Glaceau Vitamin Water photocall. Mel next time leave the Tina Turner Ike era wig at home and stick to the dark hues that we love on you. Blondes do not always have more fun.

Hit & Miss: Ashanti

September 27, 2009
HIT: Ashanti looked stunning in this white and gold gown at the Emerald Gala for the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz; her hair and makeup were flawless…
MISS: She defied the rules of style sense in this hideous ensemble at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors. From head-to-toe, this outfit is a major no-no.
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Hit & Miss: Ciara

September 13, 2009

The Chocolate Fashion Blog is proud to introduce a new feature: Hit & Miss. View your favorite celebs, socialites, party girls, and others as the hit us with their best looks or totally miss the mark with their worst ones. This week’s Hit & Miss Chocolate Fashionista.

HIT: Ciara looks flawless in a fitted black dress with coordinating nude and black criss-cross peep-toe heels. Her skin looks beautiful is glowing and her locks are super shiny. Ciara can pull of the fitted dresses well. This a classy and polished look for the leggy pop-star.

MISS: Ciara’s red bow body suit was a miss at the Express TXT L8TER event. Had the 80s inspired top portion been attached to a matching pencil skirt, it would have made a lovely dress. The short hair is boxy and does nothing for her face. Ultimately this look is a no go. Hopefully Cici will save the big bows for Christmas gifts.