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Style Item of the Week: Wood Hangers

September 12, 2009

Keeping your clothes in good shape is mandatory. If you’re buying quality pieces that you want to last, they are indeed worthy of the royal treatment. wood hangers preserve the shape of your clothes and last longer than wire or plastic ones. Have you ever seen a closet filled with wire hanger? Not a pretty site. I exercised my right to wood hangers many years ago after having the plastic ones snap or break on me. And don’t even mention wire hangers, they literally make my skin crawl when I see them. I purchase wooden hangers from Ikea, mainly because I buy a specific kind and I wanted my closet to be in symmetry. Wood hangers are a tad more expensive than plastic ones, but in the end it’s worth it. You don’t have to worry about them leaving rust marks on your clothes or breaking. I love dark wood hangers but the bleached wood are just as effective. It all depends on your specific tastes. If you want your closet to look well-organized, select one brand/color of wood hanger and stick to it.

Opt for the contoured hanger because the slight curve will provide better support for your clothes. There are typically three types of wooden hangers: the top/jacket hanger, the top/jacket hanger with the non-slop bar, and the rounded bottom hangers. If you want to get dual usage, opt for the top/jacket hanger with the non-slip bar and the rounded bottom hanger for skirts and pants. When you spend your hard earned money on clothes, take care of your investments the best way you know how. You’re investing in yourself when you invest in a wardrobe so go ahead and splurge on wooden hangers. Your clothes will love you for it.