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Wardrobe 101 – The Dress

September 2, 2009

For years the dress has been the epitome of femininity. It wasn’t until the 1900’s (when equal rights for women was implemented in the US) did women truly and blatantly rebel against the dress. But the dress is not the enemy; in fact, it is the ally…if you know how to wear it it can be a catalyst for many looks in your wardribe.There are many different types of dresses but here’s a few of the most popular styles:

The sheath is a must have. This dress is sassy and sophisticated. Sheaths hug your figure and accentuate curves. They tend to have a basic length anywhere between right above the knee or mid-calf. They can be worn casual with a cardigan and some flats, or they can be dressed up with stilettos and a fancy embellished clutch.

An A-line dress is a dress that is narrow at the top and has a flare skirt (cut out like an A or triangle). This dress is probably the most flattering for us women who are really curvy. However, this cut can flatter any body type. These dresses commonly land right under the knee or mid-calf. These dresses are worn casual or dressy, depending on the fabric. A-lines look great in prints for a summer/spring casual, in a solid sateen for a dressy look, or a polyester blend for a fall/winter look. A cardigan sweater or nice brooch will complement an a-line dress.

The shift dress is always a great choice. The dress was a big hit in the 1960s and has continued to be a pillar of elegance and style. The shift complements most frames, though it tends to be more flattering on petite and average size women.Pair your shift with boots, tights, or a turtleneck for fall/winter. J. Crew, Anne Klein, and Michael Kors are a few designers who make great shift dresses. It is also popular with First lady Michelle Obama.

Shirt-waist dresses are perhaps the many neglected dresses of our time. But this is one of my favorites to wear. Shirt-waist dresses are tailored like a shirt and extend into an attached straight or full skirt. These are versatile because they are made straight or flare, long or short. This is a great casual dress. They usually button down the front and are accessorized with a belt at the waist. These dresses flatter curvy women if worn with a flare. Wear these with some boots, stilettos, wedges, flats, or sandals, depending on the season.

Dresses are an absolute must in a woman’s wardrobe. They take us to a place where we feel pretty or sassy, sexy or girly. They are convenient and comfortable and likely to turn heads. Don’t be afraid of the dress….Embrace the DRESS!

Item Details:
Top Row:
Laser cut A-line dress, $207.50, Karta
Wool-blend tweed shift dress, $2,440, Fendi
Nubuck leather shirtdress, $3,995, Halston
Bottom Row:
Wool striped sheath, $1,859, Yves Saint Laurent
Bow-tie shift dress, $34.99, Charlotte Russe
*This week let femininity be your fashion accessory. Don’t hide it anymore; it’s time to let the world see it!*
Shay Couture
“I am no fashion expert, but I like to think I know what I’m talking about.”