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How to: Dress for a Costume Party

October 20, 2009

Costume parties can be a lot of fun. Dressing for them when you’re a true fashionista means playing with your inner child and bringing her to center stage. Now I am not much for dressing up for Halloween but I know some people who swear by it. Choosing a costume is the best part!

Select your attire based on the theme. Is it a sassy 70s party? A Victorian ball with all the trimmings? An elegant century-inspired gown would do the trick, complete with a petticoat and corset. A character party? A carnival theme? Whatever the theme, dress accordingly. Nothing is worse than showing up to a party where you’re the odd one out.

Make up. If you’re not a makeup person this is the one time when you should indulge and get creative. I don’t usually wear eye makeup so if I went to a Halloween party I would surely put on my best face and add some metallic eyeshadow and glittery mascara.

Put your best foot forward. The beauty of shoes is that you can use them to create a mood. The right shoe can only enhance your costume, especially when it goes well with the look. For example, if you’re a modernized Catwoman, a pair of over the knee boots would be kick ass. Playing nurse? How about a pair of patent leather white Christian Louboutins? Whatever you decide, make your footwear complement your costume.

Overall at the costume party have fun! Wearing a costume is one time where you can be anyone but yourself!

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