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Fashion & Style News: FashionEnvy Dress Studio – Designer Dress Rental

November 16, 2009

Atlanta fashionistas, do you attend a lot of formal events but don’t like having to buy a new dress each time? FashionENVY Dress Studio might be just what you need. The Atlanta-based online shopping boutique rents designer dresses for parties and events.

FashionENVY Dress Studio rents formal gowns and cocktail dresses for 3, 5 or 7 days. Rental fees start at just $45 making the process fashionista and recessionista friendly. FashionENVY is already gaining national attention. The studio has featured on TLC’s Discovery blog and the Atlanta-Journal Constitution’s Access Atlanta.

So I bet you’re wondering how do you rent a dress from FashionENVY Dress Studio work? Here’s the process:

1. Preview FashionENVY’s collection of dresses online at
2. Pick your favorite dresses and schedule a private fitting: in-home or at the studio.
3. Wear selected dress and enjoy it for at least three nights from date of rental.
4. When its time to return: Call our courier or bring dress to our studio.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What is the length of time that I can rent a dress?

A. We offer three, five and seven day rental options.

Q. What happens if I return my dress late?

A. If you return a dress late, you will be assessed $20 per day late fee.

Q. What if the dress I am renting becomes dirty or damaged?

A. If a dress is returned abused, damaged beyond everyday wear and tear, or is lost entirely, your account will be charged a reasonable repair or the full retail price.

Q. Are your dress rentals available for purchase?

A. Yes! Absolutely and always.

For more information you can visit FashionENVY Dress Studio at or on Facebook: or on Twitter at