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Entertainment: Married on Mondays by Honey B.

April 7, 2010

Fiction readers who enjoy drama and blink-you-eye sex scenes will enjoy taking a peek at Married on Monday by Honey B. (government name Mary B. Morrison). Married follows three sisters who work for their lawyer hubbies by day and run a hot swingers club by night.

Valerie Cooper, Dierdra Dawson, and Foxy Brown also known as Vanilla Cream, Cherry Cream, and Sugar Cream have an elite clientele including politicians, professional athletes, police officers, and housewives. The dollars are rolling in and all is well until Foxy is propositioned by the police chief whose request is simple: Sleep with him, or go to jail.

What will Foxy do? Pick up a copy of Married on Mondays to find out.

Fashionable Fiction: Friends & Fauxs

July 21, 2009
“Gucci, glitz, and glamour…”

…Words we love to hear. Author Tracie Howard follows up her Gold Diggers novel with her latest effort, Friends and Fauxs. Second generation gold-digger Gillian Tillman had dreams of becoming a big star, so she swindled her way into the bed of her superstar producer turned husband Brandon Russell. He helped launch her career but nothing in life is free. Gillian wonders if her hubby may be married to the mob and her. When scandal threatens to ruin all she has worked for, Gillian has to put her game face on. Her best friends are dealing with their own drama as well, making this novel is scintillating page-turner. Friends and Fauxs makes its debut July 28th.

Random House, $13.99