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Fashion Feature: The Evolution of Rocawear

November 30, 2009

By no means am I a streetwear kind of girl. I like to keep it simple with a pair of jeans and a fitted tee for weekends looks, and at night I prefer to be a little more glammed up. Still one has to recognize an iconic brand when it celebrates 10 years in the business.

Rocawear had modest beginnings, initially serving as a tee shirt collection for hip-hop fans who bobbed their heads to likes of Sean “Jay-Z” Carter. In 1999 he and then partner Damon Dash started a line of clothing they simply wanted to wear, and dubbed it Rocawear.

The first collection included simple jeans, tees, and warm-up suits, staples in the urban hoods of which the inspiration of Roc-a-Fella Records began. The simple “RW” logo has become a iconic symbolism of not only fashion but hip-hop as well. Music and fashion have always been intertwined so it was only natural that Rocawear founder Jay-Z evolve into a full-fledged music and fashion mogul. Even though he has traded his baggy jeans for tailored suits and tuxedos at time, he is almost always spotted in his brand’s gear. 

And what better way to sell your product than to wear it? Jay has been the poster boy for Rocawear since day one and even enlisted a few friends to help with the task. Super model Naomi Campbell appeared in 2003 alongside Victoria Beckham. Zoe Saldana also lent her lovely looks to a 2007 campaign. Rocawear’s target audience is hardly what I would call fashionistas. They are likely to live on life’s edgier side and be all about trends and get their fashion tips from music videos. Still Rocawear has managed to fill the hearts of many and sales have been consistent and profitable, unlike brands like J. Lo and G-Unit which have found their way to bargain bins across the country.

Fortunately for Rocawear, it’s street cred has encouraged sales and evolved into one of the most successful urban clothing lines of its time. We’ll look forward to seeing Rocawear in another ten years.

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