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Monday Fashion Madness: Daily Updates

February 22, 2010
Fashion & Beauty Happenings This Week:

Models of Color Missing From Fashion Week Runways 
White Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha Wins Step Competition Wearing Boots & Trench Coats 
30% Off Trench Coats and Free Umbrellas at The Limited!
$6 Lip Paint Gloss at Carol’s Daughter!
Bread & Butter, Briana Erin and Jennie Liu at
Also this week at BBB:
Monday 2/22 – Tuesday 2/23 – CHANEL Vintage Handbags, Karmel & Alden, Plume
Wednesday 2/24 – Thursday 2/25 – Ella Moss, Paige Premium Denim, Rhys Dwfen
Friday 2/26 – Saturday 2/27 – Bravo New York, ecoSkin, Heys USA
Michelle Obama Greets Glee Club Members from Washington D.C. Elementary School 

Discount & Designer Sales: Weekly Sales

December 15, 2009

There’s some great deals at this week!!

Tuesday, 12/15/09
Emilio Pucci
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Jeffrey Campbell
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Matty MContemporary Separates
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For The Republic
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Wednesday, 12/16/09
Eliza J
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Collective Concepts
Contemporary Separates
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Vintage 1
Premium Denim
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Handbags & Small Leather Goods
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Pade Vavra
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Sweet Bella
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Holideeli Item(s):
Michael by MK
Turtle Neck Sweater
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Dr. Scholls
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Thursday, 12/17/09
Fall Essentials
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R Jean
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Contemporary Separates
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Sayami New York
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Tanner Krolle
Briefcases & Wallets
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Holideeli Item(s):
Autumn Cashmere
Animal Print Cardigan
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Getns Classic Link
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Friday, 12/18/09
Dolce & Gabbana
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Ready To Wear and Intimates
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Beth Bowley
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Girl’s Collection (KIDS)
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Holideeli Item(s):
Double Breasted Coat
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Carla Mancini
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Saturday, 12/19/09
Holideeli Item(s):
Amrita Singh
Crystal Chandelier Earrings
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Fashion News Feature: Shopping While Black

December 8, 2009

Watch the video first. And feel free to post your comments after. ABC conducts these “What Would You Do?” episodes with some surprising results….

This is probably one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. As a black woman, I have indeed seen certain behavior exuded by employees when I enter a store. In some stores on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, boutique employees are adamant about watching certain types of people. Do celebrities get treated this way? One can only wonder, as of course you’ve seen tabloids with celebs, black and white plastered all over the pages.

I was in Loehmann’s here in Los Angeles about a month ago where at least three times I’ve been there, I have witnessed people shoplifting, none of them were black. Most recently a woman was escorted from the store and paraded past customers in handcuffs after she attempted to leave the store with stolen merchandise. She was not black.

For the retailers who automatically assume that black people steal, you’d better check your memos again. The average shoplifter is the middle-aged white woman who doesn’t work for a living a.k.a. The Soccer Mom. And if you feel you have been discriminated against, do something about it. If you’re stopped by security, frisked, or questioned, get the names of every person you talk to in the store and take pictures if you have a digital camera. Hard evidence cannot be disputed. Though racial discrimination of any kind is nothing new , it does prove that even with a Black President, some things just never die.

— O 

Fashion & Style News: Shoppers Prefer Eco

October 27, 2009

A report by Grail Research confirms that more shoppers are turning toward eco-friendly shopping in apparel and health and beauty markets. The Green Revolution has made a significant impact on the way people shop but it has not convinced everyone.

Many consumers say they simply have not found enough products to their liking to support the green effort and some products are not readily available. It also appears that many consumers equate eco-friendly as items made from recyclable material which is not always true.

The trend is heading toward more eco-friendly apparel but the process is still in its early stages. brands like Zara, H&M and Mark & Spencer have already honed in on eco-friendly apparel. Quite frankly the younger generation is more interested in green purchases than their elder counterparts but textile and apparel industry executives are positive that will turn around.