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REALationships: Gives Us 7 Ways to Find Out What a Guy is Like…

May 29, 2010
 Is He a Good Lover?

In bed. What kind of lover will he? Inquiring minds want to know. Check out this article from Glamour and find out if that new guy is going to be worth your while in the sack.
7 Sneaky Ways to Tell What a Guy Will Be Like in Bed Sex, Love & Life:

REALationships: 5 Recession Friendly Dates

April 9, 2010

Just because times are hard, it doesn’t mean your dating life has to suffer. Let’s face it, relationships are hard work. Finding time to do things is one thing, but finding money to do things with is quite another. Since I’ve always been sort of a guy’s girl, I’ve enjoyed everything from football games to shooting pool (and yes I’m lousy at it), but I still like to have a good time nonetheless.

Hanging out with your guy, or the guy you hope will be your guy doesn’t have to always revolve around spending money. A man who is willing to invest time and money in you is a keeper but sometimes as women we tend to be think that the well will never run dry. So, if your man is light on cash but you still want to enjoy a night on the town, here’s a few things you can do to keep your relationship exciting and budget friendly.

1. Go for $10 and under dates. Matinee movies, museums, flea markets, wine tastings, and street fairs are all fun things to do and they won’t stretch break the bank. Matinees are romantic because usually there’s few people there so you might be able to sneak a peek at something other than what’s on the screen. Museums are great, because as an artist myself, I find they’re great for conversation and flirting. Flea markets are fun because you can browse and bond. Street fairs such as events like the Taste of Chicago, have food and music.

2. Day trip. Say you live in L.A. but you’ve always wanted to spend a day in San Diego.  or you’re in ATL and wanna check out Savannah. With a tank of gas and money for food and maybe a little shopping, you spend the day in a new town and see what you can see. bring your i-pod and your thoughts to share them with your beau on the way out of town. Who knows, you may even forgo the trip and pull of the road for a nice little rendezvous.

3. Dinner and a movie at home. Rent yours or his favorite movie and prepare for a romantic night in! If you love to cook like me, whipping up a meal for you two is better than going out. Enlist his help and connect over food and a film and watch the sparks fly. Most men appreciate a home-cooked meal or at least the fact that you tried even if you’re a lousy cook.

4. Do something he likes. Men are simple creatures and often they may just want to do something, well simple. If he’s into sports, watch a game with him and enjoy it. I love football and boxing so if my man wants to watch either of the two, I’m cool with that. Now baseball, that’s another story…

5. Have a picnic. Spend the day getting to know each other and enjoy the outdoors. Picnics are intimate and romantic. What better way to connect? Hit your deli or make some sandwiches, grab a bottle of Moscato and head for the nearest park.

Don’t let money be the downfall of your relationship. It’s one of the main reason couples breakup. Be considerate of each others lifestyle and finances. Because in the end, it’s all about being together and building something.