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CFB Polls: Where Do You Get Fashion Advice?

April 9, 2010
 Gabrielle Union can look fly with little effort.
When it comes to fashion some of us are more style savvy than others. If you were fortunate enough to have people in your family with great style, you may be ahead of the game. For me there was my mother and grandmother, whose seemingly effortless style inspired me to take fashion seriously. I began my love affair with fashion the moment my grandmother pointed me in the direction of the dress department of Bealls department store in Texas. “Pick the best you can find,” she would say. Immediately I would choose the most glamorous of dresses, with sheer organza fabric, rosette details, lace, or whatever was the fanciest, but not over the top. With shoes, my grandmother, a Ferragamo addict, always suggested I get the best shoes she could afford. The lesson I learned here: Cheap shoes can ruin an outfit.  I’ve invested more money on shoes and handbags that any other accessory in my wardrobe. Let’s face it, it’s easier to play off a cheap dress when you have expensive shoes. No one can see your dress’ label but they can see your shoes. So, The Chocolate Fashion Blog wants to know, where do you get your fashion advice.

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Chocolate Fashionista Feature: Jazsmin Lewis

October 26, 2009

Jazsmin Lewis wowed us with her infectious smile as Ice Cube’s wife in Barbershop and as the relationship challenged Traci in Traci Townsend. The Cleveland beauty has also appeared in numerous television shows over the years including Moesha, Eve, The Good News, Half and Half, and Line of Fire. Jazsmin is one starlet who continues to be on her grind and looks good doing so. She talked with us about fashion and style for our first Chocolate Fashionista feature.

Q. Please tell us about the first time you became aware of fashion.

A. I became aware of fashion at a very early age. Maybe 3 or 4 years old. My Mother has always been very fashion forward.. She loved experimenting with different looks and had every designer in her closet. If fact she had my Father build a closet for her in our basement that was the size of a bedroom. Just so that she could see all of her clothes. She used to take me down there to sit in her closet as she decided what she wanted to wear when she went out. So, I was exposed to fashion very early.

Q. Describe your style.

A. I would say maybe sexy/chic. But that’s just today. I’m open to style and new things so sometimes I transform into Boho Chic or simply classic on a whim. I would say my style is comfortable yet chic. Sexy, yet not overt.

Q. Who are your favorite designers or brands?

A. I have many favorite. But I know that I can always slide into Herve’ Leger and feel sexy. I can throw on Marc Jacobs and feel classy and when I’m feeling very classic, I must wear Chanel. Those are a few of my favorites.

Q. Where do you like to shop?

A. I don’t shop much. But when I do, it’s usually in a boutique or a vintage shop. I like to find small special places who don’t have hundred of the same dress.

Q. Who/what are your favorite shoe brands and designers?

A. My favorite show designers are definitely: Christian Louboutin, Guiseppe Zanotti, Roberto Cavalli and Louis Vuitton. Hands down.

Q. Describe your beauty/hair care routine and/or list your must-have beauty products.

A. My beauty routine is simple… Cleanse and moisturize my face every night and every morning. I never wear make-up when not working, allowing my skin to breathe. And I never go to bed without taking my make-up off at night. My Hair care routine is just as simple. I wash my hair often and I use Joico or Pantene products. You don’t need to spend alot on crazy shampoo’s and conditioners. I use a moisturizes conditioner every time I wash my hair. And I almost never use heat on my hair. I pull it into a pony tail after washing it to let it dry and keep it moving. I am a low maintenance kind of person. Simple is usually best so your real beauty can come through from the inside out.

Q. Who is your favorite jewelry designer/accessory?

A. love costume Jewelry. Big pieces, cocktail rings and color. A girls best friend is always diamonds but I don’t need them to be overwhelming. I have a designer that is making and sending me her pieces and she uses natural stones and they are the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen. Her name is Kitty and her line is Kittycrawl at She’s amazing. For handbags, there is no other than Louis Vuitton.

Q. What’s in your handbag right now?

A. My handbag is huge. I carry everything because I never know where I’m going to be. I always carry my phone, make-up bag, wallet, camera, and most of the time there is a bottle of water and a script of some sort in it.

Q. How do you prepare for a fashionable night out on the town?

A. If I’m not working then I don’t do much for a night out on the town. I sit on the floor of my closet and decide from the shoes up, what I’m going to wear. It always starts with the shoes. Shower, put on mascara and take the rubber band out of my hair.. Shake it and go. I want my personality to shine, not my outfit. But I do like to showcase my favorite designers so I try to do them proud when I go out.

Q. What’s the best piece of fashion advice you have ever received?

A. The best fashion advice I’ve ever received was to be true to myself and wear what’s comfortable to me and not just trendy. Be true to my personality and know what part of me that I want to highlight. Sometimes it’s legs, sometimes it’s cleavage but always my spirit.

Q. Give our readers a quote on fashion and style.

A. “Know who you are, what you like and always be a leader”. “Don’t be afraid to be different”.