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CFB News: Why Are Black Women Unmarried?

December 30, 2009

The abundance of single, educated, professional Black women who are without a husband is alarming. Are Black too picky, too intimidating, or too demanding? This clip from Nightline offers an interesting perspective on the subject. Feel free to post your comments about the video. We would love to hear them!

CFB News: Say it Ain’t So O!

November 20, 2009

Oprah Winfrey has announced she will end her world-renowned talk-show in September 9th of 2011. Though it’s a long way off, it will be said to see the show go. Oprah has launched thousands of careers with her show and interviewed some of the most exciting celebs and regular folk to date. Well we know Miss O will land on her feet. She’s already produced several films under her production company and has her own television network. We’re sure the world of O will continue to be an exciting place.

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CFB News: Real Housewife of Atlanta Fiancé Killed

October 3, 2009

WSB in Atlanta reports Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and Grammy-award winning songwriter Kandi Burruss’ fiancé, A.J. Jewell was killed last night in Atlanta. Jewell sustained a fatal injury to the head after a fight broke out at The Body Tap Strip Club located at 1271 Marietta Road. He died en route to a local hospital.

Jewell appeared alongside Burruss on several episodes of the show, much to her mother’s dismay.  No further details are available at this time.

The Chocolate Fashion Blog extends its condolences to Burruss and Jewell’s family.

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