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Fashion & Style News: Mary J. Blige and Catherine Malandrino Join Forces

February 9, 2010
Malandrino and Blige

Mary J. Blige is continuing her plight to help women. She’s teamed up with famed designer Catherine Malandrino to create a t-shirt collection to empower women. The t-shirts will make their debut in stores beginning next week.

Blige and Malandrino will make an in-store appearance in Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan in hopes of bringing attention to Blige’s FFWAN foundation where Malandrino sits on the board. FFAWN or Foundation for the Achievement of Women Now. The shirts which come in hot off-the-shoulder styles with abstract designs. The shirts will start at $39 and will be sold in department stores and freestanding Catherine Malandrino stores.

Blige and Malandrino have affectionately dubbed the shirts T-Luxe for t-shirt luxury. Now that’s hot. 

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