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Entertainment: Racist Bridezilla Tells Black Man to "“Mop Up McDonald’s & Go Back To The Projects”

October 21, 2009

Bridezilla is known for showing African-American women in a poor light with the ridiculously ghetto and irate behavior, but we aren’t the only ones. The show simply aims to show the worst of the worst and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

The star of this weeks upcoming episode could make even the bitchiest of women cringe. Thankfully Alas this people like this never cross my path. Bridezilla Karen from Long Island reminds us all why home training and treating people right is so important. She’s a bootleg version of a cross between Rizzo and one of those Real Housewives of New Jersey. With her over-the-top demands and bad attitude, it’s safe to say this Italiana might end up in divorce court if she doesn’t end up in a pine box first. And if I had a bad eyebrow job like hers I would simply keep my mouth shut. She yells at her bridesmaids, tells them she’ll slap them, and refers to a doorman as “a $9 an hour human being”. Ouch.

But if that made you cringe, her insult toward a brother on the street (she tells him to go mop up McDonald’s and go back to the projects) should be enough to make you want to toss her down a staircase and drop a piano on her head for good measure. Well Karen, let’s hope you don’t come down my street any time soon. The episode airs October 24th.

And check out LaJune who thinks everybody is jealous of her and wants her man. Well LaJune I’ve seen you and your fiance, you two deserve each other. Her episode airs October 25th.