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CFB Photos: Jennifer Williams in Herve Leger

May 24, 2010
Mrs. Williams looking slim and trim. 

Basketball Wives reality TV star Jennifer Williams attended an event with Mr. Mauricio at Greenhouse in NYC wearing the infamous Herve Leger bandage dress.

Entertainment: Basketball Wives Espisode 6

May 20, 2010
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Episode 6 Summary:
Royce got the girls to do some good in the community by feeding folks at a homeless shelter.
Evelyn’s online stalker made her take some serious action.
Suzie is such a hater. Why is she so determined to get jennifer to leave Eric? So she can be by herself like Suzie and Evelyn?
Jennifer kills the game with her bad ass outfits. I really need that Burberry cap Jen.
-Surprised to see that Shaunie let Gloria’s sister, who allegedly had an affair with Shaq, make an appearance on the show.
Evelyn clearly can’t handle her liquor. And that young buck she came to Jennifer’s charity event/party with looks like he just graduated from high school…Hmm…
Jennifer and Eric are a nice couple, I hope they can work it out.

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Entertainment: Basketball Wives – Episode 5

May 12, 2010
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The Basketball “Wives” are still going at it on VH1. Sunday’s episode was action packed and here’s my summary analysis:

  • Gloria was trying to beat the crap out of Reese in self defense class. 
  • Suzie and Evelyn are still hatin’…Trying to make sure everyone stays single like them. 
  • Evelyn didn’t like the producer Suzie set her up with. I thought he was alright, nice smile, typical Miami square but I guess he doesn’t have enough notoriety for old Evelyn
  • Jennifer needs to keep her business to herself. Don’t tell them bishes nothing!! 
  • Where the hell is Shaunie?
  • Summary: I just can’t wait to get back to Miami…To some real reality.

Parties & Events: Rafaello & Co. Jewelers NFL Draft Party

April 23, 2010
Adrienne Bailon and a display of Rafaello & Co. jewels.
Designer Alisa Maria 
Suzie Ketchum of Basketball Wives
Designers To-Tam and To-Nya Ton-Nu of Sachika 
 Adrienne and New York Jet cornerback Darrelle Revis
Rafaello & Co. Jewelers hosted an NFL Draft party in New York at their store with former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon serving as hostess.
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