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Beauty: Avon Adds Keri Hilson to Beauty Roster

April 14, 2010
 True beauty always shines.

The beautiful and talented singer/songwriter Keri Hilson has been called by beauty giant Avon to appear in ads as their new spokesperson. Hilson was seen frequently at runway during fashion week and will replace Jennifer Hudson in a series of advertisements for the Imari fragrance.

Avon has used as number of celebs for its advertising campaigns including Zoe Saldana who is the face of the Eternal Magic fragrance. With Hilson, Avon is hoping to tap a younger, fresher market. It will be the first endorsement deal for Hilson who is set to do partake in a a two-day photo shoot at Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers with newly acquired celebrity makeup artist Paul Innis. The photos will debut in an upcoming Avon catalogue.

Hilson is back in the studio working on her second album, due out later this year.

Beauty News: Avon’s Mark gears Up for Facebook Sales

December 15, 2009
Mark’s Facebook Fan page. 

So long magalouges and brochure’s, Avon’s young, fun and flirty brand Mark will launch a Facebook application enabling customer’s to purchase products directly from the site. The Mark sales widget will be one of the first digital beauty applications of its kind. 

As of November 19th, Facebook members were allowed to socialize and buy products from Mark representatives without leaving the site. Avon decision to launch the widget stems from its desire to reach its target audience of women between 18 to 30 year’s old. It could also help increase brand awareness of Avon as a whole.

 A Mark iPhone application. 

The current Mark. Girl Facebook page has nearly 83,000 fans. To gain access to the boutique, Facebook users can go to this page and click the “shop” tab and reveal the online storefront. Shoppers can add items to their cart and then go on to search for local rep using their zip code or even a friend’s name to make the purchase, a great way to ensure that their favorite rep gets their sale.

Currently, Mark has between 40,000 and 50,000 reps and Mark representatives are allowed to post the Mark badge on their Facebook pages, allowing friends to buy from their own e-boutique. Blogs, social marketing and search engine updates will also prove beneficial to this new venture.