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Celebrity Gossip & News: Monique Wins an Oscar

March 9, 2010
 Monique in a royal blue Tadashi gown, wore a gardenia in her hair as a tribute to Hattie McDaniel.

Now that Monique has won an Academy Award–Oscar if you will, for Best Supporting Actress, perhaps she’ll stop hating on the “skinny heffas”.  But all jokes aside, we’re glad the stand-up comedienne got her just due for playing the menacing mother-from-hell, Mary in Precious. I haven’t seen the movie and don’t plan to. I find it a little disturbing that the only time we can get an award such as this is when we play a character such as that. Either way it goes, we’re glad Monique took home the trophy, even if she had to look a hot mess to do it.

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