Style Scope: The Taurus Fashionista

Victoria Rowell, May10th

Sensuous. Romantic. Charming. Sweet. The Taurus lady is a no bull. Her needs are simple; food, sex, beauty, and security. This patient diva, who rules the neck adores jewelry, cozy sweaters, her boyfriend’s jeans, and a nice cup of coffee. She may seem like a lot to handle but with the right company, she’s just another girl from around the way. She enjoys knowing that she is well taken care of. Her style is simple, she loves things that are elegant and beautiful but she’s not gonna break the bank to afford them. You’re ruled by Venus, the luxury loving planet, so don’t be surprised when you gravitate toward the finer things in life.

Signature Color: Varying shades of blue.
Stone: Emerald
It Bag: Bvlgari
Shoes: Bally

Sign Mates: Denyce Lawton, Kimora Lee Simmons, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, and Bianca Jagger.

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