Entertainment: Do Women Have to Take it Off to Get On?

Let’s face it sex-sells but at some point in time, like a scorned lover, some things get old fast. We see not much has change with the Miami Miss, Trina. The self-professed Baddest Chick, has taken it all off for King magazine, one more time. Not that we’re surprised. King mag is relaunching again with their upcoming Summer 2010 issue. Amidst rumors of bankruptcy, husband-stealing, side-chickn’, trickin’ and her constant determination to prove her badness, we’ll be glad when we actually see Trina showcase something other than her infamous derriere. Even Weezy didn’t love it that much. It’s almost cute when you’re 25, tragic when you’re over 30. Hopefully her new album will prove that Trina is more than a warmed over one-hit, no pun intended, wonder. 

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