Beauty: Bobbi Brown’s New Social Media Campaign

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is introduced the Pretty Powerful campaign by way of a Twitter press conference yesterday. The press conference included a Q and A with beauty bloggers and Twitter followers.

The site launched at features photos of 50 real women of all different complexions with before and after pictures. Visitors can review video portraits, face charts, application tips and a behind-the-scenes look of the Pretty Powerful campaign.

On January 19th the site will begin accepting entries for Bobbi’s Pretty Powerful contest. The contest will ask consumers how Bobbi Brown makes them go from pretty to powerful. fifteen winners will be selected, and they will receive the Bobbi Brown Color Strips Collection. The selected 15 will also make another video for the contest to be judged by consumers in March.

One Response to “Beauty: Bobbi Brown’s New Social Media Campaign”

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