CFB Gossip: Diddy Bans Black Women From His Party?

Here we go again. That divo Sean “Diddy” Combs is rumored to have banned black women from his New Year’s Eve Party–more specifically dark-skinned black women. Hello Beautiful reports that the mogul instructed staff to only let light-skinned blonde haired women at the Vanity Fair New Year’s Eve bash.

“Our source says that Diddy had specific requirements for women to get into his VIP section at his Vanity Fair New Year’s Bash, the women had to have blonde hair and fair skin. The source goes on to say that Diddy specifically told security he didn’t want any black women in his section.

While it has been clear to many for years that Diddy clearly has issues (His Ciroq Vodka requested light-skinned black, white or Hispanic women for their models), this is just an insult. Diddy have you forgot that your mama is black and so is your baby mama? Are we really surprised by this? No. Fluff Daddy–oh my bad Diddy appears to not only have issues with black women but himself as well. But seriously, are folks still colorstruck in 2010? While we hope this rumor isn’t true, some things are just a little too hard to ignore.


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