Wardrobe 101: Draping

draping,fashion fashion tips
It’s all about the draping.

Draping in fashion has been around for centuries. From togas to sarongs, the draping method has created a series of looks that are downright sensual as they are unique. The use of extra fabric helps create a draped look with little effort. The trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon either.

Draping showed up in several collections for the spring 2010 season. Dresses, coats, skirts, and tops dominated the runways. The use of more fabric in draping creates illusion and glamor. Designer Vivienne Westwood is a master of this type of design and includes it in her collections.

Draped garments are perfect for work or cocktail hour. I just bought a draped skirt from Zara for around $40 and it’s the perfect garment to wear with a simple blouse for day or with a dressier top for night. Donna Karan implements draping into many of her matte jersey dresses as does Marc Jacobs and Emanuel Ungaro. The key to great draping is to find something that fits your body style and makes you feel comfortable.

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