CFB Shopper: The Chocolate Fashion Blog’s 10 Best Buys Under $100 from Express

Express is always on the ball with fashion trends and bargains and this season is no exception. Check out the Chocolate Fashion Blog’s Top 10 Best Buys under $100 from Express.

1. Textured Plaid Dress, $88.00
2. Double-Breasted Military Jacket, $79.50
3. Textured Plaid Vest, $69.50
4. Long Sleeve Shirts, $39.50-$49.50
5. Shaker Stich Cowl Neck Sweater, $59.50
6. Studio Sleeveless Stretch Pencil Dress, $79.50
7. Illustrator Pant (shown here in black & white stripe), $69.50
8. Mixed Media Wide Belt, $39.50
9. Layered Byzantine Link Necklace, $59.50 
10. Sequin Liquid Leggings, $98.00

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