Fashion & Style News: The Queen of Soul Talks Fashion with WWD

No one will argue or dispute the fact that Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul. The Memphis-born, Detroit-raised diva has recorded songs that have become the soundtrack of our lives. Young and old alike can vibe with “Respect”, “Ain’t No Way”, and “Rock Steady”. In a sense, it was Aretha who set the tone for the singers who followed. Much of today’s music has become so candy-coated and manufactured, it is hard to perceive that once upon a time, you actually had to know how to sing to get a record deal. Grooving on stage was merely a bonus and talent always prevailed.

Franklin who fashionably speaking prefers Chanel, plenty of diamonds, and dresses that aren’t too tight or fitted (they mess with the vocal chords). Aside from her fashion preferences, Ms. Franklin doesn’t like being above the fifth floor in buildings, is afraid to fly (she tours by bus), and likes as few people as possible around her (only four were allowed in the room during this interview).

We can’t argue with the Queen’s preferences, she’s been performing for more than 50 years and until some of these modern day singers make that mark, you may politely clear the way for American royalty.

Read Long Live the Queen on WWD.

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