Fashion & Style News: Tracy Reese Launches Black Label for Spring 2010

Contemporary designer Tracy Reese is aiming for the stars at Fashion Week. She will reveal her latest collection, Tracy Reese Black Label. Reese had been sitting on this line for some time and finally decided it was time to launch it. The collection will include spaghetti-strap organza gown with flowered appliqués, ruffle-detailed cashmere sweaters with crystal buttons, structured pencil skirts, beaded cocktail dresses, and other beautifully designed pieces. A shoe collection will also join the 12 piece line, complementing the collection with coordinating designs and colors.

Reese is targeting higher-end retailers like Bergdorf Goodman but hopes to keep the distribution limited. Reese’s other collections include Tracy Reese, Plenty and Plenty Frock.

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