9 Items to Keep in Your Handbag

A true Chocolate Fashionista is never with out a great bag or the tools to get her through life (in a fashionable way of course). Storing these items in your handbag can make life a lot easier:

1. Wallet with identification, medical cards, a $20 bill, a credit card or debit card.

2. A spare tampon. They always come in handy and you’ll need one when you least expect it.

3. A cell phone with camera and emailing capabilities. Why because this isn’t the stone age. You never know when you may need to snap a picture or give an update on that report.

4. Your business card or calling card. Let’s face it, most people hate the cliche business card exchange but they are a requirement for every professional or those who aspire to be.

5. Lip balm or gloss. Cracked and dry lips are not sexy–ever.

6. Mints because fresh breath is essential and gum is tacky.

7. A pen and pad (counts as one item) for jotting down notes, thoughts, and oh yeah, lists like this one.

8. A pair of designer shades. Why? The sun and because they are tres chic and oh so mysterious.

9. Hand cream or lotion. Dry skin is annoying and if you’re on the go and interacting with people throughout the stay, a soft hand as better than a rough one any day.

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