Real Housewives of Atlanta Profile: Nene Leakes

I saved the best for last! Ohmigoooooodness…In the spirit of Shenayneh, Nene Leakes knows how to keep the drama going. We loved her last season as she went toe-toe with Sheree over who was the “classiest”, with Kim to see who could out talk who, and her gripe and moan sessions with Dwight a.k.a The Sixth Housewife (how dreadful–and exciting). The irony of Nene Leakes is that while she may come off as a bit much, she actually seems to be dealing with a full deck. Is that scary? Could be, it just depends on what day of the week it is! This season Nene is back to get it started again and of course we wouldn’t miss it. Nor would we miss looking inside her new house (she was rumored to be evicted from the last one) to see what the real tea is. Will she and Sheree become friends? Will she squash the beef with Kim, and will she find the man she’s been looking for all her life–her father? Time will tell, and in a couple of days we’ll know if want to stay tuned or turn the channel. Trust ladies it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Thank God for plush peanut butter leather seats…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Thursday, July 30 at 10PM PST/EST on Bravo!

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