Retailers Eye on the iPhone and Others

Shopping via cell phone is the new online shopping experience. Retailers worldwide are rushing to create applications to allow shoppers to buy their merchandise online. Mobile commerce has seen substantial growth in the last couple of years (logging on is easier than driving to the mall) and retailers from luxury to bridge are realizing that it’s an effective way to boost sales without having to spend a lot of money. While on average a small amount of customers have iPhones overall, those that do have been eager to use retail applications.

Net-a-Porter recently became a part of the mobile commerce circle. They join the ranks of Polo Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters, Yoox, Victoria’s Secret, Amazon, and others. More than half of web shoppers own a Web-capable phone and 14% of them have used their deices to shop according to a report for Forrester Research.

“I bid on eBay items from my phone at work,” one anonymous Chocolate Fashionista says. “It’s easier than risking getting caught on my computer!” The good thing about mobile shopping is that just about anybody with a phone can do it…And if you have a hectic schedule, it’s a great thing.


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