Retailers Respond to Demand for Michael Jackson Merchandise

Michael’s infamous military style jacket on display.

Michael Jackson tee available at Kitson in Los Angeles

The Jackson brothers in Versace and Michael’s signature glove.

Janet Jackson with sisters LaToya and Rebbie all in Versace.
Versace was one of Michael Jackson’s favorite designers.

Since the King of the Music World’s untimely passing, the demand for Michael Jackson merchandise has caused retailer’s and apparel vendors to scramble to get their hands on the merchandise. Southern California based apparel company, Hot Topic has licensed two men’s shirts and one women’s shirt. Los Angeles retailer Kitson was already selling MJ shirt’s prior to the entertainer’s death but has seen merchandise fly off the shelves over the last two weeks. Women’s contemporary designer Allen Schwartz of A.B.S. had already shipped Jackson-inspired jackets in black or red gabardine with gold trim the day he passed. Schwartz says, “I saw the trend developing two months ago, and now I plan to build on it.” At Tuesday’s memorial ceremony, Jackson’s brothers wore Versace suits and his signature “bling” glove. Sister Janet, also wore Versace.


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