I Can’t Walk in Flats

My closet bears more than 60 pair of shoes. About 45 of them are stilettos, pumps, or wedges. It is impossible for me to walk in flats. I feel as though I am taking twenty steps back in time when I do. Heels seem to thrust me forward as if propelling me to ascend to a higher place. Not that I won’t wear flats, it’s just that when I do it’s terribly awkward and makes me wish they made a more comfortable high-heel, one that doesn’t flop when I walk so I nearly break my neck. I wear an size 8 1/2 shoe, sometimes a 9 depending on the brand. It’s weird to have to buy a size either too big or too exact. But what am I supposed to do. Being a Diva didn’t say anything about wearing flats, well maybe, since the statuesque Michelle Obama made them more popular. Some dainty outfits may require a flat, a flip-flop, or even a tennis shoe. But at my best I function solely like my true self in heels. After all if you’re heading to the top, don’t you want the perfect heel to help you get there?


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