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How to Know When Your Fashion Has Gone Overboard

April 21, 2009

Glamour magazine does a special “Do and Don’t” issue. Over the years I have read the article and couldn’t believe the things that people wear. From VPL’s (visible panty lines) to legging capri pants with baby doll dresses and cropped jackets, some people just don’t know when their fashion goes bad. If you’re to engrossed in other things to pay attention to your wardrobe, believe someone is. Might I suggest you watch and episode or two of “What Not to Wear” and maybe then you’ll realize what you’re doing wrong. Otherwise, you can just look here:

Hint #1:
You get stares–and not the good kind. People look at you and make faces, purse there lips, or stare in disbelief. This is a telltale sign that your outfit is all wrong. Did you bother to look in the mirror before you left the house?

Hint #2:
Your friends say things like, “Is that what you’re wearing?”, “What else do you have?”

Hint #3:
At the store when you’re trying on clothes, the sales clerk makes faces because she knows you have no business trying on whatever it is you’re trying on.

Hint #4:
You’re a size 8 but you insist on squeezing into a size 4. No ma’am.

Hint #5
Your significant other would rather stay in than be seen out in public with you so he claims you need to spend more time together–indoors.

Hint #6
You think cocktail attire consists of a tight, short, and fitted. It does not.

Hint #7
High-schoolers give you compliments on your outfits. Adults just gasp.

Hint #8
Nothing you own matches or goes with anything else in your closet.

Hint #9
You think seeing a tailor involves that guy from the television show “I Love Money”.

Hint #10
You have never received a compliment on your wardrobe–ever.

Why the New D.C. is Good for Fashion

April 13, 2009

The new Washington is reminiscent of the fashionable 40s and 50s. Michelle Obama has trademarked elegance and simplicity. This was a time when people put more effort into their appearance. No guy could get a date if he wasn’t well-dressed, and even the “fast” women browsed their closets carefully before setting a foot outside their front door. Even the 1960s brought on a surge of glamor a la Jacqueline Onassis. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, even designers named bags after their selected muses. (Think Gucci’s Jackie O hobo bag) Washington D.C. has become the center for upwardly mobile professionals with an affinity for great clothes on a moderate budget. J. Crew has seen a boost in sales since Mrs. Obama publicly acknowledged that she shops online, “You can find some great things there,” she said when she appeared on Jay Leno wearing a J. Crew ensemble. It is important for women to be confident, and Mrs. Obama in all her statuesque glory is proving that style is not about what’s expensive. White House staff members like the 49 year-old Desiree Rogers prove less is definitely more. When support staff members of the White House appeared in a recent issue of Elle magazine, all stressed their sudden need to revamp their image and look the part of nouveau members of the Obama regime. I agree that clothes are influential when determining the social climate of Washington’s movers and shakers. People are going to be paying more attention to the way they look, and rightfully slow. Don’t get caught slipping…