What Does Your Look Say About You?

Imagine you’re at an event where you’re the star. You walk into the room and all eyes are on you. What are people thinking? Are they in awe? Excited to see you? In shock? Or simply unmoved by your presence? I learned at a very young age that people treat you how you look. It may sound like a cliche but it is totally true. Every tried to get upgraded to first class on a flight wearing sweatpants and Uggs? Try it wearing a crisp white shirt, a fitted pair of slacks and pumps. You’ll probably get upgraded and an invitation to the company party.

People are impressed but what they see more than what they hear. No one wants to listen to how fabulous you are if you don’t look fabulous. It’s like trying to sell ice cream to the snowman. Why should they buy it? But every true fashionista knows, the better you look, the better you feel. If you saw the move The Devil Wears Prada, you know that the wrong look can be devastating for your career. Who would’ve paid Andie (Anne Hathaway) any attention if she entered a room wearing that godforsaken blue sweater, plaid skirt, tights, and boxed heeled shoes? Clearly a fashion makeover was in order.

I watched an episode of What Not to Wear the other night where the director of a music school needed a makeover stat. Clearly she wasn’t seriously expecting to get fundraising wearing a pair of rhinestone jeans, tank tops, and tennis shoes to work with her hair in a frilly ponytail did she? Clinton and Stacy showed her a thing or two, upgrading her wardrobe to include classic looks in the spirit of Ann Taylor and Chanel. If you want to raise money, you better look like you have it. As unfair as it might seem, no one wants to give money to someone who looks like they need it.

In honor of the new First Lady, I challenge those of you who are “fashion-challenged” to upgrade yourself and turn over a new leaf. When you look good you feel good and you never know who is watching. These times are trying but just because we’re in a depression there’s no reason for you to look like one.

Photo: Desiree Rogers, the new Social Secretary for President Obama
(by Jonathan Becker for Vogue)

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