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Advertising on the ChocolateFashionBlog.com:

To place an ad on the Chocolate Fashion Blog:

Text Links:
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Ad Cost: $15 per week, $45 per month

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Right Side Banners: 120 x 120 pixels
Ad Cost: $15 per week, $45 per month

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All banner ads must be in GIF or JPG format and should not exceed 120 x 120 pixels in size. Please email your graphic file to chocolatefashionblog@yahoo.com

Paypal Payment
Please submit your payments via Paypal.
1. Go to PayPal.com
2. Click on the SEND MONEY tab.
3. In the “TO” field, enter: chocolatefashionblog@yahoo.com
4. Enter your email in the “FROM” field.
5. Input the US dollar amount. (Make sure the amount is per your invoice/agreement.)
6. On the Purchase tab, select SERVICE.
7. Click CONTINUE and follow the remaining steps.

Questions? Email us: chocolatefashionblog@yahoo.com

Notes to Our Affiliates:
Affiliates will receive priority product location with direct links to their site for readers.

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